Ark: Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons Banners Guide and Ideas

Jacob Frink
By Jacob Frink 3 Min Read

Ark: Survival Evolved has captured the imagination of players globally since its release in 2017, becoming a landmark in survival gaming. A crucial aspect of personalizing your gaming experience in Ark is customizing game icons and banners. These elements are not just artistic expressions; they’re a way of marking territory, asserting dominance, and displaying allegiance. This guide aims to provide an extensive overview of creating, customizing, and implementing game icons and banners within Ark: Survival Evolved.

Creative Ideas for Game Icons and Banners

When it comes to crafting a unique presence in the expansive world of Ark, your game icons and banners serve as the face of your entity or tribe. Here’s how you can make them stand out:

  • Dinosaur-Themed Icons: Given that dinosaurs are a central aspect of Ark, incorporating them into your design can create a fierce and memorable icon.
  • Tribal Motifs: Use symbols that represent unity, strength, and survival. Elements like fire, spears, or shields invoke a sense of solidarity and defense.
  • Vibrant Colors: Utilizing bright, eye-catching colors or combinations that represent your tribe’s spirit can make your banner more noticeable from a distance.
  • Custom Typography: Whether it’s the name of your tribe or an intimidating slogan, adding text in a unique font can enhance your banner’s impact.

How to Create and Implement Your Designs

Creating an iconic symbol or banner for your tribe in Ark requires both creativity and a bit of technical know-how. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Design Your Icon: Use graphic design software or online tools tailored for beginners, such as Canva or Adobe Spark, to create your icon and banner.
  2. Convert to the Correct Format: Ark requires specific formats for icons and banners. Ensure your designs are in .PNG or .JPG format with appropriate dimensions.
  3. Implementing in Game: Once your design is ready and in the correct format, upload it through the Ark interface by accessing the tribe management settings where you can update your tribe’s emblem.

Inspiration from Top Ark Tribes

Looking at the emblems and banners of successful tribes within the game can inspire your designs. Many top tribes opt for symbols that reflect their philosophy, gameplay style, and the environment they dominate. Consider elements that resonate with your tribe’s identity while exploring these inspirations.


Your game icons and banners in Ark: Survival Evolved are more than just digital art; they’re an integral part of your identity within the game. Taking the time to craft something unique and meaningful can enhance your Ark experience, foster tribe unity, and even intimidate rival tribes. Remember, the key is to blend creativity with relevance to your tribe’s narrative and values. Embark on this creative journey and let your banner fly high in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved.

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